Sunday, August 5, 2018

Around the Table Discussion (6Aug2018) - STEM- Six Solutions to Equal and Affordable Education

"By about 20 percentage points, blacks in STEM are more likely than blacks in non-STEM jobs to think the lack of quality schooling and lack of encouragement to study these subjects are major reasons that blacks and Hispanics are not widely represented in STEM jobs. Blacks in STEM jobs are also more likely than those in non-STEM occupations to think discrimination is a major reason behind the under-representation of blacks and Hispanics (72% vs. 58%). Views among Hispanics on this tend to be similar across those working in STEM and non-STEM jobs."

Due to the significant education gap people of color face still today in 2018, I've been attempting to get more educators together on my Around the Table Discussion panel, especially those who are a part of Lebron James' school, "I Promise Elementary". I think us talking/masterminding would be a very effective way to come up with sound solutions and dedicate time, energy and resources to implement.

Nya's Project is a STEM/STEAM project I have been building to do my part in educating our children. It includes six books, videos and curriculum: Nya Soars in Science, Nya Soars in the Science of Trading, Nya Enjoys Engineering, Nya Knows Numbers, Nya Adores Art. I am so happy about my love.

However, I do believe Nya's Project has another role to play and that's operating a mastermind group to ensure others, who feel as I do, have a network of people ready and willing to bridge the STEM gap more sooner than later.

Therefore, I'll continue to reach out to others, if you readers and future enthusiastic/eager participants would do the same. The goal for the 1st panel of educators is to come up with 3 effective, feasible, doable ways to ensure STEM/STEAM resources are available/affordable to all children of color. So, for example us teaming up with each other to create more camps...more schools etc

If you are interested in joining me tomorrow @12 noon central for an overview, the link is below.

STEM- Six Solutions to Equal and Affordable Education