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Speakers, Speakers, Speak and Make Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your interest in getting a list of speaking engagements.  

I am Nikki RuffinSmith.  I've been a serious entrepreneur (Nya's Project - for only a year.  However, while tying to decide on a niche, I did quite a bit of motivational speaking.  In fact, about 15 years of my life I can say I've been fortunate enough to have had many elaborate speaking engagements.  

As an Education Success Strategist, I am always looking for events where organizations are welcoming speakers like me.  Finally I have a well organized list of events happening right now and in the month of July.  

So, getting a list in your hands as soon as possible is my goal.  Below is one opportunity that you do pay for but you also can get paid a percentage of ticket proceeds.  Click here.


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"The Success Tour Dallas, TX - Speakers Needed"!

The referral fee for this program is 20.00% of ticket sales
Start making money by following these steps:
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My thoughts on speaking gigs:

I understand many of the concerns I've gotten from several interested people.  I too was reluctant until I started getting quite a few speaking gigs, one right after the other.  I must admit though, not all of them were paid gigs.  Some of them required me to pay.  I think I took one of those mostly because of the opportunity to network with their guests.  Some of them were paid by providing meals, lodging, access to their email list, and an opportunity to rub elbows with everyone there.  I'd say those engagements were like I struck gold.  

My fellow speakers, making a decision to invest in this offer is like anything else we want to do, we must trust and invest in ourselves in order to get where we want to go. 

More about me...

More information to follow.  Please comment below your concerns.  Email me at so that I may have your email address to send the details of the packages.

Thank you once again.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Nya's Knowledge Nannies Come to Town

For Consult Please Visit: (Correct Website)
text questions to - (615)  295-4278

Hello to all of you who believe education is as important as I do.  As you know, I am on a quest to ensure Nya's Project is winning in homes, schools, learning centers, and every other educational organization world wide. 

 I won't stop, can't stop!

So, join me in welcoming Nya's Knowledge Nannies to the project.  Instead of hiring just your regular nanny, why not introduce your children to Nya's Knowledge Nanny.  She/He is not only experienced, courteous, kind, loving, organized, patient, and will tidy up BUT also she/he is very very educated and dedicated to ensuring your children are also educated. 

In order to fulfill my mission, once decided by the parents, I'll incorporate the project's books and curriculum.  However, incorporating Nya's Project tools are not the end all be all.  There are also other tools/resources available to accomplish our mission.

Nya's Project -

Thursday, June 13, 2019

STEM and the Need for the Humanities


Evan Hockridge, BS Unmanned Aerial Systems & Earth System Science, Purdue University (2019)

I’d argue that STEM needs humanities more than humanities need stem. First of all, it’s important to understand that not everyone is inspired by money alone. Some people are very passionate about intellectual pursuits and do not care that some other degree could earn them more money. In fact, if a person is talented in a humanities field and thinks that way, it would be quite foolish for them to go study anything else just for money.
Second, humanities majors, at least as a generality, are compensated better in the long run than many other professions. For example, English majors do in fact have a tough time finding that first job. However, when compared to business majors, English majors are likely to earn just a tad more in their lifetime. What this shows is that something in the humanities (or at least English) higher education system is extremely valuable in the late career (despite early career difficulties).
Third, humanity needs the humanities because they study what it is to be human. I study ecology using drones. An ethicist would make me aware of the potential threats my drone has to the well being of others (there are many) or how the AI I use in my imagery analysis could one day have significant impacts on the course of human society. The political scientist would be able to inform me on the intricacies of global environmental politics that may impact me on my ability to use my methods abroad. An English major would be able to write about a dystopic future if the type of topics I study are not funded. A historian would be able to tell me about how my field has grown from the past to present. All of these things I include in science outreach and communication and use to gauge my interactions with the public, a significantly important part of my job.
At the end of the day, I couldn’t name you a single “company” that existed in Ancient Greece. However, it would not be hard to find information on the philosophers of that time. Film makers warned us about AI and robotics when they brought us terminator and now, I can barely talk to anyone about AI without them feeling uneasy about its advancements. This puts an important check on technologists and engineers to insure that they are careful in their developments.
There is a standing belief amongst some anthropologists that our species should be called Homo fictus instead of Homo sapien as we are so intimately connected to our stories, our psyche, and our overall position to the non-material world that we create as a society. The cultures that are generated by intricacies of our evolution. I am certainly glad there is a series of fields that study who we are, because it tells us what we could be. This is the value of the humanities.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bullying - An Alarming Epidemic

Daddy, There Are Monsters At School, is a children's book about bullying. I intended to write it before Nya's Project was ever thought of. But some how Nya's Project (STEM Education) took over.  Unfortunately, the subject came back around.  So, now is the time to do what I said I was going to do way back when.  It is my ultimate goal to get this book, along with Nya's Project, in the hands of every child, parent, educator, speaker, preacher, advocate, doctor, lawyer, etc.

Daddy, There Are Monsters At School, was written first and foremost with parents and children in mind.  Meaning, I charge parents with reading and rereading it with their children.  As mentioned previously though, we all must have a copy.  For we all are accountable.  We all are affected even if the bullied child is not your own.  In my mind, all children are OURS.  Don't we say, "It takes a village to raise a child?"  Therefore, let us go on to say, "It takes a village to protect them too." And those of you who may think bullying will not happen to your child, think again.  It can.  Oh, by the way, what if...just what if your child (your innocent child) was/is the perpetrator?  

Daddy, There Are Monsters At School, will in my opinion, help you and your child change the way you both see things.

Although I experienced bullying as a child, I thought changing the environment or the way I raised my children would make a big difference.  I didn't know any better.  Fortunately though, my child didn't experience anything we couldn't get through.  So, since bullying was not a major issue for us, I I suppose some where in the corners of my mind, I hoped it would just disappear.  Fortunately again, thank God it did.  I think every parent hoped and still hopes bullying never ever happens to their child or just disappears without any real harm.  However, many of us are also hoping, there will soon be repercussions so severe that those who are doing the bullying OR the parent's of bullies OR those who turn a blind eye to bullying will be forced to think again. 

Unfortunately, such a repercussion has yet to be put in place.  Until then, we keep educating or children and keep praying until the next news reporter yells "breaking news! Another child dies at the hands of another child OR Another child has been found by his/her parents hanging in their closet."  People we have to do something better than basically holding our breath until the next time.

Just today, I opened up my laptop to another child suicide "allegedly" due to bullying.  

What do we do?  What do we say to this?  True, there is no evidence thus far to suggest bullying is the case here.  However, we all know it is definitely a possibility due to the unremarkable/exhausting deaths that have been attributed to bullying just last year alone.  Google the statistics.

These deaths are senseless.  Aren't you tired of this?  I am.  Those little lives are way too precious.  

Such sadness cannot be explained, especially for the parent of the dead child.  I often wonder how those who have lost children can ever mumble another word.  I don't know if I could.

Join me by eradicating these monster with awareness, education, and by ensuring our government officials are forming stricter penalties.

*******Pre-order Daddy, There Are Monsters At School, today to get it in time for Father's Day.  I do believe this book will create a special time and bond with dad and the kids.  However, feel free to purchase it for anyone.  Right now I am only planning to sell soft covers only for $15.99 (there are exercises in each book).  

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