Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bullying - An Alarming Epidemic

Daddy, There Are Monsters At School, is a children's book about bullying. I intended to write it before Nya's Project was ever thought of. But some how Nya's Project (STEM Education) took over.  Unfortunately, the subject came back around.  So, now is the time to do what I said I was going to do way back when.  It is my ultimate goal to get this book, along with Nya's Project, in the hands of every child, parent, educator, speaker, preacher, advocate, doctor, lawyer, etc.

Daddy, There Are Monsters At School, was written first and foremost with parents and children in mind.  Meaning, I charge parents with reading and rereading it with their children.  As mentioned previously though, we all must have a copy.  For we all are accountable.  We all are affected even if the bullied child is not your own.  In my mind, all children are OURS.  Don't we say, "It takes a village to raise a child?"  Therefore, let us go on to say, "It takes a village to protect them too." And those of you who may think bullying will not happen to your child, think again.  It can.  Oh, by the way, what if...just what if your child (your innocent child) was/is the perpetrator?  

Daddy, There Are Monsters At School, will in my opinion, help you and your child change the way you both see things.

Although I experienced bullying as a child, I thought changing the environment or the way I raised my children would make a big difference.  I didn't know any better.  Fortunately though, my child didn't experience anything we couldn't get through.  So, since bullying was not a major issue for us, I I suppose some where in the corners of my mind, I hoped it would just disappear.  Fortunately again, thank God it did.  I think every parent hoped and still hopes bullying never ever happens to their child or just disappears without any real harm.  However, many of us are also hoping, there will soon be repercussions so severe that those who are doing the bullying OR the parent's of bullies OR those who turn a blind eye to bullying will be forced to think again. 

Unfortunately, such a repercussion has yet to be put in place.  Until then, we keep educating or children and keep praying until the next news reporter yells "breaking news! Another child dies at the hands of another child OR Another child has been found by his/her parents hanging in their closet."  People we have to do something better than basically holding our breath until the next time.

Just today, I opened up my laptop to another child suicide "allegedly" due to bullying.  

What do we do?  What do we say to this?  True, there is no evidence thus far to suggest bullying is the case here.  However, we all know it is definitely a possibility due to the unremarkable/exhausting deaths that have been attributed to bullying just last year alone.  Google the statistics.

These deaths are senseless.  Aren't you tired of this?  I am.  Those little lives are way too precious.  

Such sadness cannot be explained, especially for the parent of the dead child.  I often wonder how those who have lost children can ever mumble another word.  I don't know if I could.

Join me by eradicating these monster with awareness, education, and by ensuring our government officials are forming stricter penalties.

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